The Untitled Project of Intimacy exists to make visceral a soft tension that arises from the close proximity between two people within the vast West Texas landscape. Natural light, electric light, and the corresponding shadows are used to call attention to the various distances defined between people, interior, exterior, and site.

A small shelter rests (treads lightly) in the West Texas landscape. Walls running north-south draw out two parallel spaces organized to track the twenty-four hour rotation of our earth. East and West converge across a cellular wall dividing one shelter into two rooms. Space East welcomes the rising sun while space West anticipates the setting light. Two spaces are tied together through the deep filtering of sunlight passing across material boundaries. Rather than the typical pattern of penetrating daylight by the sun to projecting electric light during the night, Untitled Project of Intimacy makes constant the orientation of illumination as an element received from the outside. Through this light source orientation, exterior is encompasses in what may be an intimate interior and calls one to become aware of the territory illuminated. This spatial inversion becomes most radical and unexpected during the deep blue hours of night when it is the exterior space that the light source must travel through before performing the tasked charged to the lamp.

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