A fight takes place between form and light every time the sun sets below Earth’s horizon.

The predictability and commonality of the sun setting flattens the fleeting combative moments that follow. Intense for only a matter of minutes, light’s last rays retreat and our eyes loose definition of boundary and form.

With each sunset light hits the clouds and beats the ground in effort to reach the form before reaching our sight. And with every dusk turned to darkness, form bends to shadow’s calling.

Our dark environments radically differ from our sunlight surroundings made certain by sharp observations. It is within the crepuscular transition between these extreme states of illumination where surprise and ambiguity arise.

Perceptual certainty of enclosure dissolves while light angles granting clarity clash during the encounter of our singular natural light source setting against the barrage of various rising electric lights. Walls and edges are unexpectedly pronounced as sunlight runs horizontal, rubbing surfaces, or electrical light pushes into crevices. Adjacent spaces that once aligned in plan during the day are no longer in alliance. Volumes in a duet tracking sunlight break apart under the weight of darkness and isolation of a light bulb. This encroaching darkness reconnects perimeter pathways once fragmented by passing sunlight under the thread of uniform halides.

Even our most rationalized arrangement of concrete orthogonal delineation falls prisoner to reformation again and again during twilight.

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